Cedar Bluff Baptist Church

This year Cedar Bluff Baptist is celebrating 113 years of dedication to the Lord. Some of our long time members are the ones that forged this church in to what it is today. They have spent many long hours and tireless days into making the church and church grounds presentable as well accessible to the community.

    Cedar Bluff sits on the corner of Dutchtown Road and is near Cedar Bluff Road. Literally our church has been a Lighthouse on a hillside. It has been constantly burning, shining in a dark world.
    The Lord has made us constantly aware of His mercy, Love and Grace. In recent time, God has moved in our church and open doors in ministry that we've never had before. Our church is one filled with the Love of God, and a Spirit of Worship; our services are Old Fashioned but are Spirit led, we are not governed by time, or men, but we seek leadership and wisdom from the Lord.
So come and join us. We would love to see you this Sunday! 


Pastor James E. Burke


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