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"Hasn't God been Good Ya'll" (Wed, 16 Aug 2017)
I've got a lot to say about God's goodness, but I don't have the words. God has been good to our church, he's been good to my family, He's been good to me! At Cedar Bluff, we've seen the Hand of the Lord moving in our services and in the heart of our people. We've moved in to our new building (May 14th), had our dedication, over the last months, we've had three souls saved, and more join the church. Though this post is short, be checking back, I'll be back and I hope you will too.
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Your Pastor's Heart (Tue, 13 May 2014)
Yesterday while driving around town a thought came to mind. I thought maybe that would be a great Facebook post, but today thought it would be better suited as a blog post. I want to share my heart for a few minutes. I see you when you cry in the pew with that tissue in hand. I see you when you attempt a show of strength while your face betrays your heart. I see the blank stare while others are praising God with upraised hands. I hear your sobs as you cry out in prayer and I see your tears that have stained the altar while pouring your heart out to God. I see you sitting there with your head rested in your hands. I see you with your head hung low hoping no one sees the questions in your eyes. I can see you as you quietly slip out of church in hopes that no one will notice. I can see your empty seat in the pew you once sat in. I see your husband or wife sitting alone missing you being by their side. I hear your silence in the crowd. I see the empty stage where you used to stand. I hear the kids questioning where you are and when you're coming back. With all of that said, and with all of that seen and heard by me, it has occurred to me that God has seen, heard, and is well aware of your heart, circumstance, burden, and your relationship with Him. So, the verse that comes to mind is I Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you." Bear with me here... If I, as your Pastor can see the hurt, pain, discouragement, fear, defeat, and loneliness, if I can care so much that I weep for you, if I love you so much that I hurt when you hurt and long for peace for you and your family, if my heart is broken for you...How much more is the heart of God broken for you. Though I may be the one you can physically see, and touch, God is more in touch with all of your trouble than I will ever be, He knows you more than you know yourself. God is the one, the only one that you can really lean on to help in a time of need. You see, the verse I mentioned says that he "careth" for you, what does that mean? It means that your care is a care to Him. Did you catch the meaning? Your cares are His cares, the thing that evokes fear in your life...He (God) cares about. The loneliness that you feel...God has been there, He was separated from His Son, and His Son, Jesus was separated from His Father. When we face illness, trouble, loneliness, unsettling circumstances, persecution, or pain God has suffered those things Himself, and He cares that you are going through these things, not only that, He cares for You. You are a care to Him, not just the things you endure but He cares for you. So even when I forget to call your name in church, shake your hand, make a call or send a message when you miss a service, God knows, and God Cares. You've heard my heart as an under-Shepard, I trust that you have heart the heart of The Shepard. With Love, James Burke Pastor
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Laughing with The Lord (Fri, 14 Jun 2013)
Have you ever listened to your own laugh? I noticed this morning while the office was quiet except for a Customer and a Salesman, the Salesman laughed out loud, it was genuine but different than other times I've heard him laugh. It made me think about my own laugh. I realized that I laugh a certain way with my wife, another way with some of my closest friends, and different still while at work. It made me wonder, How do we laugh with the Lord? Have you ever just sat back and laughed with the God of the Universe? Think about it, then do it...but be prepared, to really "belly Laugh" with the Lord you have to know him well...so get to know him today.
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